“I have to say that my favorites so far are the grace and peace body polish and body butter. My skin feels like silk after I use both, and the natural fragrance of these products feels like it feeds your soul through your senses. I really can’t get enough of these products. I look forward to trying more of them!”

Denise Field     

“I love Oni-Bodi products. The face and body creams are exceptional . I really believe that Carol’s Daughter better watch out ! Ms.Eva (fierce) is on your tail.
Embrace all that is natural”

Delia Nelson     

“ONI Bodi’s products have nourished my skin in the most amazing ways! My skin has always been dry and since using ONI-BODI GRACE & PEACE BODI-BUTTER my skin has become smooth to the touch. On top of its natural ingredients, the scent puts your mind and body at ease. ONI bodi is amazing and will always be a part of my skin care regimen.”

Trinisia Fortune     

“The lemon grass body cream is my absolute favorite product from Oni-bodi. I love the smell and it truly does wonders for my skin. The aroma depicts pure and natural to the core. Thank you Oni-bodi!!!”

Melisha Patterson     

“Oni-Bodi is simply wonderful, I don’t use anything else!!

Darlene Aiken,
President/CEO Inner Beauty Solutions, Inc.”

Darlene Aiken     

“Oni-Bodi is one of those products that should be next to the shampoo, your makeup and your toothbrush. They are essential to everyone who wants natural ingredients to achieve fantastic skin. Oni-Bodi is addictive so watch it, I love it and very happy that Oni-Bodi exist. I am a client forever.”

Donna Jarrett     

“Oni-Bodi products are the best. I’ve been searching for a cleanser that will fade the dark spot on my face and will eliminate blemishes. Finally I discovered Oni-bodi and it was amazing seeing results in 2 days. This may sound over reacted, but it is the true. My face is clearing out so fast, I don’t need those proactive products anymore. The search is over and I am sticking with Oni-Bodi products, they are natural and inexpensive. Love it!!! Highly recommended. ”

Yohanna Feron     

“OMG, OMG, OMG! I cant stop rubbing the spiritual essence on my skin. i love it. i rub some under my nose so i can smell it all day. i bought this from you at the white tent event on saturday. i cant believe it was only 0. this would be hot as a pomade for hair. i mix a little with my hair oil anyways. i love it. hit me up if you need help with some photography, we can work for trade. take care. nice to meet you. best of luck.”

Linda Rose     

“I recently used Mandarin Aromatherapy Massage Bodi and Bath Oil and fell in love. The products gets into your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and lovely. You just need drop in your bath water, and indulge in an amazing escape from a long day!! The products are great!!

Tanya Pack     

“I absolutely love the foot/soap scrub – I use it faithfully – I have a pedicure done regularly but this does a better job of keeping my feet soft and feeling sooo good!

Rose” Rose Karahalis     

“I was blessed with the introduction to Oni Bodi at the Circle of Sisters event in NYC, 2009. Before sampling, it was explained to me that the finest of oils, herbs, natural ingredients, and passion are lovingly mixed with in each product. I’m a massage therapist who only believes in using the finest quality of products on my clients’ skin. I was in total amazement with the fragrance and texture of combinations of the creams, scrubs, and butters Oni Bodi offered me. From that day forth we at The Hands on Experience Wellness Spa, will no longer be needing the services of our current skincare company. Oni Bodi , you have a client for life. Thank You”

Asher Wilkins     

“I just started using the body butter and I am hooked on it! The scents are incredible and it absorbs into the skin instantly. It is never greasy or oily. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and recommend it to anyone who is tired of having most of their moisturizer come off on their clothes.”

Cathy Rayano     

“The Products are lovely. They all smell and feel wonderful. My favorite is the soy. I think most people use it for their feet, however I love it for my face as well.”

Star Muhammad     

“I love the products created by Oni-Bodi. It is pure and essential to replenishing the natural beauty of the skin we were born with.”

Michelle Hall     

“I was lucky enough to meet Eva through a friend. I have tried all kinds of facial wash and toner for my skin. I was constantly having break out after break out. Since using Oni-Bodi products I have had no break-outs and my skin has never been cleaner and softer. If you are looking for a good skin product look no further than Oni-Bodi I’m hooked. I will not be washing my face with anything else. I also use the hair mositurizer for my natural locks. I can use it everyday without any build-up. The smell is YUMMMMMMMMY!. I recommend these products to everyone. I can’t wait to try the rest of the products.”

Jacquie Starkey     

“These products are the best. Such a wonderful feel and smell. My only wish is that the packaging came larger.”

Lizette Pinto     

“I absolutely love this product especially the Aromatherapy Chamomile Massage, Bath & Bodi Oil. After a hard days work, a few drops in my bath water can be quite soothing to the skin. I also use it as a massage oil when I’m stressed and need some tender loving care. Oni-bodi products are the best!!!! Wendy”

Wendy Washington     

” I have used Oni-Bodi products for several years now and love them! Great aromas and are always soft and silky on the skin. The best part being they have no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Natural the way body products were meant to be.”

Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison     

“As a medical school student, my hectic school schedule leaves me feeling exhausted and stressed. ONI Bodi’s products have been a natural way for me to combat these feelings. I use ONI-BODI GRACE & PEACE AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE, BATH & BODI OIL first thing in the morning and when I get home from the hospital on a daily basis. The scent itself is calming and soothes all the tension that I have accumulated throughout the day. The physical feel of the product is not heavy or stick which makes it a great everyday product.”

Linda Alvarez     

“I think the products you sell are unique.
The one I am using is for daily moisturizing hair.
I love it, it is excellent, it look shiny when I wear your product.”

Canney yang     

“Oni-Bodi is one of the best all natural product lines out there in the market. I am so excited about the Oni-Bodi line, quality, and holistic approach. It feels good to know I get the results I need. Thank You Oni-Bodi”

Nadjamy Jean-Claude     

“I have been buying Oni-Bodi for the last 3 years and I am very happy with the product quality. Liked the ease of ordering and how the website worked. I highly recommend Oni-Bodi products.”

Perla Pinto     

“Onibodi is amazing! As an LMT, I have used the products they offer on myself and my clients. The philosophy Onibodi stands by can be felt wholeheartedly in their services and products. They are a company you can trust and believe in.”

Bonnie Lopez     

“I have had the pleasure of trying many One-Bodi products as gifts. My baby has eczema and the cream for the baby butter is exceptional, smells great, glides on. I also have the bodi butter for me and I used it on my legs. Keeps them moisturized all day long! Thanks Eva!!!
Roc” Raquel Newell     

“After using Oni-Body’s “bodi butter”, I am changed for life! Amazing!”

Khrishna Kranen     

“The massages that Eva and her Oni-Bodi team provide are amazing! She really takes notice of any ailment you have and focuses on that area to relieve any tension or stress. Her dedication to your relaxation is impeccable. Just like the massages, the products of the Oni-Bodi line are of great quality. I have been using Oni-Bodi’s spiritual essence bodi-butter for quite sometime now and I love it. It makes your skin feel extremely soft and the scent is wonderful!”

Alexis Watson     

“Being in tuned with yourself is very, very important. Because we have to be aware of what we put on our skin – it is important to know the ingredients of the product. Oni-Bodi has provided excellent products. In addition to using the haircareline on my hair, it is also great on my face and other parts of my body. The ingredients are truly natural – no dyes or contaminants. The footcare line is also great. Thanks Oni-Bodi for providing such excellent products. Looking forward to other great prodcts in the future. Thanks for being environmentally friendly and using what God has provided through Mother Nature.

Thanks Eva,” Jaz Pitter     

“Eva’s products are amazing..They absorb into you skin, with a light clean, fresh scent. One of my favorites is Grace & Peace body set. Anyone who have not experience Grace & Peace will love it. Keep up the great work Eva!!

Tanya” Tanya pack     

“I have been using the products for several years and each time I use it the very essence of each product scent appeals to the inner peace that lies within each of us. I love the organic ingredients used in all of the products but most of all the Oils, which can be used on hair as well as the skin. This is the perfect cocktail for my skin. Love it!”

Sharon Burden     

“I attended a Tea and Massage party where I was introduced to your products. AMAZING….the avocado mask followed by the pumpkin (something) cream (lol) made my skin feel WONDERFUL…even until the day after! I am truly a fan. The spiritual essence is truly a relaxing scent and truly moisturizing product…. THANK YOU I AM HOOKED!”

Stacy Scott-Wilds